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 Kunming, China

Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan Provicne in southwest China, which is known as the “Spring City”. Kunming is one of the first group cities famous for their history and culture in China, which makes it not only the capital of Yunnan, but also the politics, economy, culture, technology, education, tourism center of the province. With the advantages of climate and being the foreland to southest Asia and south Asia, Kunming is becoming a Holy-land for tourism, exploration, hunting and meeting in the world.

Folk culture
Kunming is the focus of Yunnan minority culture with 26 ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, Miao, Dai, Hani and more inhabitting in this region. Each group has its own featured festivals such as the Torch festival of Yi people, the Golden Temple Fair and so on. The hugely successful 1999 International Horticultural Exposition enhanced Kunming's influence on the whole world resulting in a snowball effect upon tourism as more and more foreigners come to discover this enchanting part of China.

Kunming's picturesque natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Kunming's cuisine is distinctly Yunnanese and combines fresh ingredients afforded by the moderate climate with herbs and spices giving its cooked dishes sufficient flavou. Some of the most famous Kunming food is as follows: Over the Bridge Rice Noodles Guo qiao mi xian,  Steam Potted Chicken,  Er Kuai,  Smoked Smelly Bean Curd. The special dish of Kunming is guo qiao mixian, a boiling chicken soup with rice noodles under a very thin layer of oil. Raw meat and vegetables are added by the consumer to ensure the ingredients are fresh and the ingredients will be cooked in the hot soup since the cut of the raw meat and vegetables are extremely thin.
Kunming is a vibrant place with natural landscape and cultural landscape. The long history and unique geological structure leave Kunming a large number of cultural relics and scenic spots. Kunming is a developing international tourist city, which has become a center for the World Expo to collect the natural scenery and ethnic customs as one of the four seniors-tourist destination at present. Major tourist sites in Kunming are including the alluring highland scenery, bewitching karst landform, varied and exotic habitats and customs and places of historical interest, such as Dianchi Lake, Stone Forest, the Village of Ethnic Culture, Grand View Pavilion, etc.

Dianchi Lake

Yunnan Redland


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Registration date: June 9, 2017
Conference date: June 10-12, 2017


Yunnan Normal University
Asia Society of Applied Mathematics and Engineering 
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2017 International Conference on Environment and Disasters